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From Conflict to Connection

Esty had a hard day at work, her boss was taking advantage of her again. Today's problem was that he told her to come in to work on Sunday. Esty didn't want to but she didn't want to upset him so she agreed.

When Esty came home, she began venting to her husband, Shimmy. She started talking about the injustice of her having to come in on Sunday, and how her boss always took advantage of her. Shimmy listened for about a minute but then started getting frustrated. “ Why don't you just tell him you can't come in?” Shimmy asked. Esty responded with more frustration, Shimmy wasn't understanding that she couldn't say that to her boss. Shimmy responded that he actually DID understand, he thought Esty needed to learn to stand up for herself. After another minute or two of this, the conversation ended with both of them feeling upset and irritated.

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